First blog post - congratulations to myself!

Building this site

Well. After a whole day's digging on Google, reading reviews and comparing services, FINALLY I successfully established my first personal website EVER. Congratulations to myself :)

Below are some of my findings on website designing/building services:

  • There're several categories to build a website, including specific local programs like Dreamweaver (for hardcore users only!), third-party blogging websites like Blogspot (is it still alive?), and browser-based designing websites like Weebly and Squarespace (mostly WYSIWYG, i.e. what you see is what you get).
  • As for WYSIWYG, Weebly is hosting the most websites worldwide (20m). Squarespace is hosting for just about 1.5m. But it's so insanely extremely deadly beautiful  elegant and well-designed that I finally decided to pay and sign it up. 
  • Oh, we also have open-source programs like WordPress (not the .com!), but it's also a little bit hardcore for me - a newbie with no PHP, no HTML, no ASP, no JAVA.

Which language?

I've been considering over and over on what language I should use on this site. Apparently my only choices are English and Chinese. Since Squarespace doesn't support multi-language operating and it would certainly double my workload to write in dual languages, it really cost a while for me to decide.

At last I decided to make the primary choice English. But why am I so stupid that I'm going to write in this "broken" Chinglish?

Because Chinese fonts really suck. Especially on operating systems of which the primary language is not Chinese.

However, there're plenty of things I'm unable to express thoroughly. In that case I would switch to Chinese. #Leave some room for myself#

What to write? 

Since this is the first time for me to maintain a website (first time for a blog also), I currently have no idea on what to write on it. At first I was just seeking to make something personal and cool - for a non-professional geek. Now the real problem is contents. 

So far I've come up with these points:

  • Tips, findings and important news about photography, technology, ACG, games, movies, music etc. (anything I'm interested in).
  • Personal thoughts.
  • Show-offs of my photography. 
  • Funny things from the web (with references!) 
  • Useful contents such as how British English differs from American English

Who will read this?

I never expected anybody would read a website with PV lower than 100/month. LOL