A visit to Waterloo Station: tracking Jason Bourne

The film trilogy about Jason Bourne is always one of my favourite. In the 3rd part The Bourne Ultimatum, Bourne followed Simon Ross, a British reporter from the Guardian in London and tried to get information from him (and finally led to the reporter's death).

The place he requested Ross to meet was Waterloo Station, one of the busiest stations in UK, which made following and wiretapping extremely hard for CIA. However, Ross's stupid fear against what he saw still made himself dead.


While I was rewatching the film, making screenshots to prepare for the visit, I found taking screenshots insanely hard. The Bourne trilogy was shot 100% handheld, and the images was shaking so badly that I couldn't make even one clear still screenshot. Eventually I gave up and decided to use just blurry ones. 

Another problem is the focal length. According to this site70% of Bourne Ultimatum was shot with 2 Nikon SLR zoom lenses (a 28-70mm and a 80-200mm, according to this). That's a disaster to me because I have only prime lenses in hand. And it's hard to tell what focal length the film was using. All I can do is just try to shoot from the same place and cut the image to fit into the focal length afterwards.


After I arrived at Waterloo Station and tried to find the same shooting angle as the screenshots from the film, I completely failed. Apparently Waterloo Station had been refurbished and reconstructed thoroughly after the film was shot: a brand new platform, some shops disappeared and some "grew" up, missing statues, discarded passageways ... everything was different. I was badly disappointed. However I can't afford coming home with nothing got; I must try. And finally there was something that wasn't redesigned.


The food stores near Platform 16

Above are some random food stores Bourne passed by. I hoped that they can guide me through the way the original photographer went by, and obviously the stores have disappeared now:

Food stores in the same position now

And then Bourne met with two statues in the station:

Two statues in Waterloo Station

The left one is gone now, and the right one has been moved to a different position:

Where the statue lies now

By the way, after Bourne arrived in London, the first thing he did was to buy a copy of the Guardian. I know this is because of sponsorship; but Bourne would certainly be a good PR practitioner if he wanted to. 

Bourne Bought the Guardian immediately upon arrival

My copy of the Guardian on my desk

This is just some random view showing the station:

Random view of the station

And here is my shoot. Because I didn't have zoom lenses in hand, it was different:

Same view of the sation

Note that because of the reconstruction, the notice board has changed from "17-19" to "17-20". No wonder I couldn't find many things.

The killer who headshot Simon Ross fired from behind this advertising board:

The position of murder

And as I searched for advertising boards, it turned out that Boots had taken the place and was still doing the decoration. I didn't realise this until I went home and checked my photos; what a pity. 

Boots took over the advertising board

Some random passageway Bourne passed by: 

A random passageway

The passageway has been discarded now. I didn't have access to that angle and had to make a shot like this:

The discarded passageway

When Bourne tried to help the reported get rid of the following CIAs, he tricked them to catch a unrelated passenger waiting for bus here:

The bus stop

It now looks like this:

The bus stop now

And that's all I've got from the visit. Let me end the post with a shot inside of Waterloo underground:

Passengers in Waterloo underground

Good night!