Fonts in different languages

*complaining on Squarespace*

I’m rewriting this blog now. RE-writing. I composed the first version in the browser-based console, and it crashed. Leaving me nothing but a broken headline. It felt really awful And my thinking was interrupted and I can hardly remember anything I wrote down except for the last sentence. Now I have to try my best to write it again. As the saying goes:

Never write long codes/articles in your browser. That’s why Google Docs didn’t kill Office.

Original article

After I made the decision to use English as my primary language here, I quickly realised that it’s really a stupid decision. For example, when I tried to write something about today’s visit to V.A. Museum, it turned out that I can hardly express without my mother tongue. By the way, the exhibition I saw was Masterpieces of Chinese Painting 700 - 1900

But Chinese characters do have a terrible font in English-based sites. After digging into the font settings, I surrendered. CSS was apparently something too complicated to me. 

Despite of the failed learning, I did find something useful about CSS.

One is a sheet of names of commonly used Chinese fonts, in different systems/codes. source

中文名英文名UnicodeUnicode 2
Mac OS
华文细黑STHeiti Light [STXihei] \534E\6587\7EC6\9ED1华文细黑
华文黑体STHeiti \534E\6587\9ED1\4F53华文黑体
华文楷体STKaiti \534E\6587\6977\4F53华文楷体
华文宋体STSong \534E\6587\5B8B\4F53华文宋体
华文仿宋STFangsong \534E\6587\4EFF\5B8B华文仿宋
丽黑 ProLiHei Pro Medium \4E3D\9ED1 Pro丽黑 Pro
丽宋 ProLiSong Pro Light \4E3D\5B8B Pro丽宋 Pro
标楷体BiauKai \6807\6977\4F53标楷体
苹果丽中黑Apple LiGothic Medium \82F9\679C\4E3D\4E2D\9ED1苹果丽中黑
苹果丽细宋Apple LiSung Light \82F9\679C\4E3D\7EC6\5B8B苹果丽细宋
新细明体PMingLiU \65B0\7EC6\660E\4F53新细明体
细明体MingLiU \7EC6\660E\4F53细明体
标楷体DFKai-SB \6807\6977\4F53标楷体
黑体SimHei \9ED1\4F53黑体
宋体SimSun \5B8B\4F53宋体
新宋体NSimSun \65B0\5B8B\4F53新宋体
仿宋FangSong \4EFF\5B8B仿宋
楷体KaiTi \6977\4F53楷体
仿宋_GB2312仿宋_GB2312 \4EFF\5B8B_GB2312仿宋_GB2312
楷体_GB2312KaiTi_GB2312 \6977\4F53_GB2312楷体_GB2312
微软正黑体Microsoft JhengHei \5FAE\x8F6F\6B63\9ED1\4F53微软正黑体
微软雅黑Microsoft YaHei \5FAE\8F6F\96C5\9ED1微软雅黑
隶书LiSu \96B6\4E66隶书
华文细黑STXihei \534E\6587\7EC6\9ED1华文细黑
华文楷体STKaiti \534E\6587\6977\4F53华文楷体
华文宋体STSong \534E\6587\5B8B\4F53华文宋体
华文中宋STZhongsong \534E\6587\4E2D\5B8B华文中宋
华文仿宋STFangsong \534E\6587\4EFF\5B8B华文仿宋
方正舒体FZShuTi \65B9\6B63\8212\4F53方正舒体
方正姚体FZYaoti \65B9\6B63\59DA\4F53方正姚体
华文彩云STCaiyun \534E\6587\5F69\4E91华文彩云
华文琥珀STHupo \534E\6587\7425\73C0华文琥珀
华文隶书STLiti \534E\6587\96B6\4E66华文隶书
华文行楷STXingkai \534E\6587\884C\6977华文行楷
华文新魏STXinwei \534E\6587\65B0\9B4F华文新魏

List of names of commonly used Chinese fonts

The other one is a useful site to learn anything about HTML, CSS, coding: W3School. It has really everything about a certain (computer) language.