Recent findings about iTunes lyrics & song names

I just downloaded some songs tonight and tried to fix their information (singer, genre, etc.). Then I realised that some of them had already been injected lyrics before, whereas the rest had not. Then I decided to set up lyrics for every song in my iTunes library. 

Add lyrics to iTunes

I have been using DynamicLyrics for a long time to show and download lyrics. It's an powerful and light-weight tool (it's more like a system plugin) for iTunes, which can automatically search, download and display your lyric on the menubar (or desktop as you wish). By the way, the developer, Martina Z, is a college student currently studying at UESTC. He developed a lot of powerful cool apps like MusicSeekerX, fake thunder and so on.

After searching online I found a post on Zhihu (Chinese site). One of its replies mentioned TunesArt, which can show the current playing song on the desktop and menubar (as well as retrieve the lyric). However it doesn't support 'write lyric to iTunes', so although its UI was beautiful and well-designed, I finally uninstalled it. Here's the link for download (illegal). 

Then I tried another software mentioned in the post called musiXmatch (illegal download link). It's was surprisingly powerful, on which you can easily find and download lyrics directly to iTunes. I mainly listen to Chinese, English and Japanese songs. And musiXmatch successfully proved itself:

 musiXmatch fetches Chinese lyric.

musiXmatch fetches Chinese lyric.

 musiXmatch fetches English lyric.

musiXmatch fetches English lyric.

 musiXmatch fetches Japanese lyric.

musiXmatch fetches Japanese lyric.

As you might have noticed, the interface background of musiXmatch changes according to the singer. However sometimes it doesn't work (like the black background in the picture above) or gives a wrong image. Well that doesn't matter. After all, that is not a key feature. 

So the workflow to add lyric to iTunes using musiXmatch is like this:

  • Launch iTunes and musiXmatch
  • Play the song you want to deal with
  • Once the lyric comes out in musiXmatch, press the "save to iTunes" button
  • Use shortcut, mouse or whatever to play the next song you're going to deal with and repeat the steps above

Correctly name the songs in iTunes

As everyone knows, the letters in song titles are sometimes capitalised (uppercase). But what's the exact rule to use capital letters? I found this post from AITech (interestingly, it's a Japanese university), which thoroughly explained the rules:

1. The first and last words are always capitalized, and all except the words listed below are capitalized.

2. These are lower-case, unless they are the first word or last word.

articles: a, an, the

conjunctions: and, but, or, nor

prepositions that are less than five letters long: at, by, for, from, in, into, of, off, on, onto, out, over, to, up, with

as (only if it is followed by a noun)

3. Prepositions are sometimes capitalized.

Prepositions are capitalized when they are the first or last word.Prepositions that are part of two-word "phrasal verbs" (Come On, Hold On, etc....) are capitalized.Prepositions that are over four letters long. (across, after, among, beyond, ...)

4. These short words are capitalized.

Some people occasionally forget to capitalize these.

also, be, if, than, that, thus, whenas (if it is followed by a verb)

But just knowing about the rules is not enough. I have about 650 songs in my iTunes library. It's not a huge amount, but will surely take plenty of time to manually change the titles. So I found this AppleScript to help solve the problem. Please use at your own risk.