Recent Reading: Infinity Blade series

Recent Reading

If you know nothing about Infinity Blade or video games, you can jump directly into the "something more" part.

As an old fan of the Infinity Blade series, I can hardly remember how many times I have played the trilogy since the launch of IB3. And to obtain a better knowing of the storyline, I purchased the two official novels written by Brandon Sanderson - Infinity Blade: Awakening and Infinity Blade: Redemption from iBooks. 

It has been a long time since I read a novel written in English. Maybe the last one was something during my high school. Anyway, I tried my best, collected the spare time while in the tube, and finally finished the two novels. 

IB: Awakening

Infinity Blade: Awakening

Even as a big fan of IB, I found the book more than boring when reading the first several pages. Everything seemed so unrelated to the original game, and everything seemed useless.

I had never heard of Brandon Sanderson before, but it could be guessed that he was more capable of describing emotions and personalities - than facts and information - of characters. That made the first 30% of the novel quite a lag. All those long paragraphs of emotional description and flashbacks that came out of nowhere recalling some "sad" childhood story. They made you want to just press the "fast forward" button and skip them to a truly useful progress of story.

Things went better in the last few chapters. Maybe Mr. Sanderson finally got used to write something like IB. As Siris - our protagonist - struggled to fight towards the God King, we knew something more like that he was actually deathless (well, already known in the games) and that the God King was far more powerful that everyone had thought. But those won't matter: the biggest problem of the whole book is that it provided little beyond the games. We know Siris is a poor guy who died hundreds of times fighting against the God King (which is everything the book provided). But how did GK establish the whole conqueror upon his land? How did all the technologies disappear? How did the Worker get imprisoned by Ausar? All those background information, is what the fans who read the book seek for, instead of some touching story. 

IB: Redemption

Infinity Blade: Redemption

Compared with its predecessor, IB:R is obviously more successful. The story started with the fight between Siris and Raidriar in the Vault of Tears. Two monster-like deathless, imprisoned together. The worker apparently had a bad taste: he let his two old enemies fight against each other (instead of simply slaying them) in the prison that once imprisoned him. The deaths and rebirths were fierce, eye-catching and visually impressive. I believe the high-quality beginning helped IB:R to be ranked higher in reviews than IB:A.

IB:R greatly made up the gap between IB2 and IB3. For instance, in the very beginning of IB3, Isa grasped in a rebirth chamber (apparently just died once). But how and why? The game didn't indicate. And words from Siris like "Raidriar made great sacrifice" implied that they two became allies instead of enemies while imprisoned - still, how and why? 

The novel answered all those questions. I just criticised IB:A for its lack of facts and stories. Glad that Sanderson realised his fault and added more "hard info" into IB:R, making the novel pretty tantalising (I stayed up a whole night to finish it. Just can't wait). Thus, I would personally recommend all Infinity Blade fans to have a look at IB:R. However, if you don't want to waste your time, you don't need to try IB:A.

Something More

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