What The Font?

It's always annoying to see a nicely designed logo (picture, poster, etc.) and not to know what font it's using. Sometimes the logo uses simple, well-known fonts like this:

The logo of iOS 7 uses Helvetica Neue (light). 

Well, the iOS 7 logo is actually different from Helvetica Neue, but basically the same. It's good if everything goes like that; however more often, you come up with a logo using a complete new font. For instance:

What's the font of Google's logo?

I bet most computers don't have this font installed. Of course you can simply search for "Google logo font" and get the answer (it's Catull, if you want to know). Alternatively, large well-known companies like Google have its own code of conduct of using brands, logos, fonts, etc. For example the guidelines from Twitter's "Brand assets and guidelines" page:

Twitter's guidelines of fonts

Thus you can simply make your words exactly the same as Twitter's official images following the guideline.

Twitter is good. But there are also companies that don't even care about guiding others to use the logo, like the University of Westminster:

Part of the logo of University of Westminster

This is part of the logo I screenshot from the homepage. It looks like Century Gothic, but actually not (after I tried and failed).

Thank god I found a website called "What the font?" (WTF). The name is really good because when you're trying to find a suitable font and keep failing, you must be shouting "WTF". Generally the page looks like this:

Interface of "what the font"

You can upload your screenshot (or logo, image, whatever) and then it goes to a page to confirm the characters:

Character confirmation 

Note that the program didn't recoginise the "TY". In this situation just leave it blank.

Then "continue" and here comes the correct font of the logo:


The "Bebop" is the correct answer. That's it!